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with...The Jeunique Opportunity



What is Jeunique?
Founded in 1959 in Southern California,
Jeunique is a direct sales company with a
presence in the United States and in many
countries around the world. Jeunique
produces and distributes many unique
products that are needed and desired by
women, men and their families.  All our
products contribute in some way to the
enhancement of beauty and well-being.

What is the Opportunity?
The opportunity available to you and
others is the chance to have a
business of your own...
where you are in control of your future.
Whether you choose a part-time or
full-time commitment, you can:

  • Be your own boss
  • Set your own hours
  • Enjoy unlimited income potential




What Benefits Will I Receive?
The beauty of the Jeunique Opportunity is
that you are in business for yourself...but
not by yourself.  You enjoy the support of
others and the vast resources provided by
the Jeunique International Home Office.
You can set your own goals and have the
satisfaction of watching them come true:

  • Earning extra income
  • Saving for retirement
  • Buying a new car
  • Funding for education

Is This for Everyone?
Everyone is different...with different
personalities, goals and likes and
dislikes.  But we're all alike in
wanting and needing to control
our own destiny.





If you have ever dreamed of taking
control of your finances and of exercising
your creative and management talents,
then this is the perfect opportunity

It's Rewarding
Start making money right away:
  • Start at 35% up to 55% Profit on Products
  • Monthly Personal Purchase Rebates and Bonuses.
  • Qualify for a 70% discount on our Special Purchase Plan

Plus there's more as you grow!

  • Bonuses and Overrides
  • Automobile Allowance
  • Annual Seminars to Exciting Locations
  • Annual Vacation or Exquisite Ring Award
          It's Happened to Others....
               It Can Happen to You....

YOU Can Turn Your Dreams into Reality....
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